Manga Review: Keishichou Tokuhanka 007

keishichou-tokuhanka-007-5404793Among all the mangas I have read this has the best opening of the story why because its like this picture on your left. Aheemm.. forgive my fangirling. 

The story start of were Fuyuki Ichikawa, 17 year old girl who posses special ability or ESP, was send to Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 to part of the investigation team. She was paired up to  Kagami Kyōichirō most commonly called “Kuze” by his colleges. Kuze was a 26 year old detective that was transferred from the 1st division because he almost beat someone to death during a kidnapping case.

While Fuyuki was wondering on the Police department figuring her way she happened to see Kuze sleeping on the lounge. Curious she walked to the lounged and when she was near enough Kuze grab her and she ended up below him with a really intimidating position that shocked the investigation team upon seeing it. On their first investigation as partners Kuze saw she was not fazed upon seeing a dead body. It was also this first case Fuyuki demonstrate her abilities by holding the dead body and look on their memories those solving the crime. This makes the two of them a deadly and dangerous combination the police had every had.

One of their kiss scene. And no they are not yet bf/gf they had that mutual feelings and natural affection.

Kuze for some reason is over protective to Fuyuki which was visible to those who know him to some extent. During a political case where Naoka’s name was mention which caused Fuyuki to be curious as Kuze unconsciously also said this name on his dream. This is also the start where Fuyuki had realized how deep he was being attracted to Kuze. It was later on she learned that it was the name of his younger sister that was murdered 12 years ago which killer was remained unsolved. Fuyuki who already penetrated his cold heart then made a promise that she will find the killer until then he should direct his vengeance to that criminal.  As the story develops so is Kuze feelings and eventually fall inlove with Fuyuki who was clueless of his action. She is also struggling to figure out his feeling for him which something he had not felt to other person.


Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 with English name Metropolitan Police Department Special Offenses 007 or Special Division of Crime Investigation 007 by Eiri Kaji (7 was added because their boss had obsession on 7) is a comedy romance super natural mystery shojou manga. Yup their is almost 10 years age gap but its not a turn off. (When I read Love so Life age gap really does not matters.) Every chapter is filled with comedy mystery and open flirting. This is one of those manga where sexual tension between protagonist is sizzling in the air in a healthy way of course. (This is another reason why I like this not the typical hiding of emotions.) Unfortunately the manga was last update in year 2015 and it was obviously clear that it is far from the ending.

Comparing it to animes I can only think of the similarities between Kuze and Usui Takumi of Maid Sama. The reason is both of them is protective but not to the extinct that they will cage them like a bird ‘freedom with limitation of owners word’ They protect in a way their love one is free. And the association of them as perverts. Same also with Misaki and Fuyuki they are so dense with the affection and loved. It might took a while to sort out their feelings however both of them showed that they are strong and capable. They have penetrated a cold wall on the hearts which they have not themselves known it. Don’t confuse with this two as they are different. So if you are a digger for romance comedy with open key flirting this is the best for you. Not only packed with mystery of cases but also the snuggles of their feelings.

But their are really a question that keeps bothering me. On one of the chapters it was said that this department was created because of the two of them. And then their is Fuyuki dream where in her childhood years she already knew Kuze and lastly the dream of Fuyuki where he saw Naoka. This stirs readers curiosity that keeps them waiting for the next volume.



One thought on “Manga Review: Keishichou Tokuhanka 007


    Hi guys! just informing everybody that when I wrote this review the mana was not yet complete. It went a long hiatus I guess. Because the time I was first reading this it was last updated 2015. However, I was planning on re-reading the whole series and only to find out that it was updated last Aug.2017 and according to the author this was the final chapter. And yes. This is indeed the final chapter! I hope yu had a great time reading this just as I have.


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