Manga Review: Vampire Sphere

The story starts where a Professor Nam Gong was given seeds by a hunter. The hunter ordered them to be planted and so a twin sisters was created however by destiny chance another baby was given life making them triplets instead of twins. Triplets Zhao Yan oldest, Ji Yan the middle child and Yue Jian the youngest. They grow up with distinguish characteristics.


  • † Zhao Yan is the perfect child. She is smart, mature, responsible and all traits of a saint she possessed it. But above all her love for her siblings is really commendable.
  • † Ji Yan on the start of the story shows a character of a loving daughter and sister. She is always should Yue Jian for her childish behavior and loves to eat food. However, she is always overshadowed by the perfection of Zhao Yan and showed a great jealousy and even leads to a betrayal.
  • † Yue Jian, the youngest is very bright and cheerful but not as smart as her older sisters. Being the youngest Zhao Yan is over protective of her and spoiled her with love.

However, their are only two seeds of Mue Lin and only two can be given with the seeds which was Zhao Yan and Ji Yan. As Yue Jiyan encountered an accident when they were kids and damage her left eye and shoulders. These leads to Zhao Yan and Ji Yan attending a prestigious school of which they are part of a Hunter Association vowing to extent vampires.

Zhao Yan and Fan Li Lao

Vampire Sabbat Alliance lead by Fan Li Lao head of the Lasambra Clan  who falls in love with Zhao Yan when she treated her nicely while posing as beggar. He killed her father and kidnap her. He showed affection on her in a sadistic manner (but to be honest I kind of like their love story though I must be crazy too). While in pursue of Yue Jian they stumble on Ge Chen leader of another vampire alliance they confronted him with surged in power because of consuming blood with Mue Lin he realize that he needed to consume Zhao Yan blood. Thus he played a game with her – a game of making her falling in love. Erasing her memories the game had begun. Although he was cruel and had a twisted way of showing affection on Zhao Yan he don’t want to bite him and turned him into a vampire. He reminds him of warmth. When she falls in love with him he bite her and found out she can’t turn into a vampire and how powerful he can become with her blood. Later on the manga, Zhao Yan in order to save her sister formed an alliance with him. (I really think she already had fallen for him.)He was his first love after all despite the manipulation. And she really can’t run away from him. Obviously Li Lao has set his mind on her being her queen.

Yi Xai and Ji Yan

Yi Xai, head of Tsimize Clan under Sabbat Alliance had show interest on Ji Yan but not as affection but interest on her twisted character as she betray her asscocaition and sisters. Yi Xia is really a definition of evil and sadistic. Ji Yan a jealous and selfish characters aims to bet Zhao Yan because she was always compared to her and dub as second only. She manipulated a test on which he was found out by Yi Xai. He bit her on the same turning her into a vampire as the seed that was injected to her was a fake one. She was turning into a vampire craving for blood and eventually turned low level of vampire if she cannot  consumer his blood. Afraid to be found out he submitted to his request and he give his blood to her. Making her his slave and him as master. She betray her hunter association team leading to their demise and the kidnap of her sister Zhao Yan. Not only that she also lead the enemies to her home killing their father and Yue Jian on run. Fortunately for the youngest sister she was found by the hunter association.

Ren and Yue Jian last and first dance. Before midnight.

When the Professor Nam Gong knew about the attack on his two daughters he told Yue Jian the youngest to go with the hunter associations which she can be safe. He also told the secret that the real blood was given to her and not Ji Yan because he saw that Ji Yan was behind the accident of Yue Jian. It was not visible because another medicine was injected to her to hide this. She was also left with the two sphere key Zhao Yan entrusted to her before she was kidnap. This sphere was revealed to be the key of the power of the Vampire King which was aimed by the two alliance. And so her quest had started keeping the secret of the sphere keys on herself. She eventually attend high school arranged by the Hunters. Their he met Ren (sorry I forgot his complete name) a mysterious student who is always sleeping and her seatmate. They develop friendship and eventually an affection that might lead to love. However, Ren was a the good persona of the vampire king whose powered was sealed and everybody was looking for. After the ball and their last and first dance by the strike of 12 midnight he disappeared.

Ge Chen and Yue Jiyan

Because of this, she found herself knowing more of their student council president Ge Chen, head of Ventrue Clan and leader of Camarilla Alliance enemies of Sabbat. The two of them is mere acquaintance on school until Ge Chen saves her and he two made alliance. Yue Jiyan is willing to give her blood in return he must train her to fight.  The story progression Ge Chen was the first to fall in love with Yue Jian. He give up the chance to consume the power of the vampire king to save her. (I think this is the most nice love story among the sisters.) As Yue Jian was kindap by Ren now awaken as Vampire King he vowed to find her. With the help of his power Yue Jian who was giving up her life find a message written by his own blood saying “Never Give up, I’m coming to save you.” This is were the current chapters left of.



Vampire Sphere is a Chinese Manhwa, this is the first time I actually read a chinese manhwa. It has a complicated yet interesting plot and character development that is why I’m suggesting that never skip a chapter it might cause you lot of confusion. I never intend to write this lengthy review but due to the stories complexity it ended up like this. There are lots of characters and individual stories also that will appear which is relevant to the main characters development . This is still an ongoing series, currently it has 88 chapters. Luckily this is all colored, all pages are colored!

If I had to do comparison it has a very different story to what I have read like Vampire Rosario, Karin and Evil Vampire Knight. If you have been watching a chinese drama like Eternity and Ice Fantasy (this is the only drama I’ve watch) you can say that it might have similarities. In a way of character development and the story progression. The plot is straightforward to the goal but the characters is kinda not really sure how to express it but sometimes annoying. It has many arc and not a roundabout story.

What I like most is the sisters have different love story. Not the typical story of guys falling in love with one girl. Their love story has different taste and flavored. This is a dark story. But to people like me who love dark, mysterious, fantasy, supernatural and romance this is a must. For me this is 9/10. Personal viewpoint I really like it. Downside its on going it will be a while to know the end of this one.



4 thoughts on “Manga Review: Vampire Sphere

    • Really? Is that an anime also? Gonna check it out once I am given the opportunity of free time. Thank you so much for informing me 🙂


  1. I truly in love with this manga. It’s not just a full colored yet the art it pretty amazing too. I’m hoping it would be a good ending especially on the romance side – (Ge-chen with yue jian, fao with zhoa).

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