Manga Review: Kainushi Wa Akuma

Nora, an orphan girl, raised by church has the unusual red-colored hair. (I always wonder why red-hair is unusual in some anime like Shirayuki). She possess a striking beauty as well as the jade colored eye which she then found out was a power known as Holy Jade. Growing up she is being bullied by townspeople due to an old legend of their town that once their was a red-hair witch who comes to their village and seduced all man plaguing the village to disaster.

Albreatch, is a demon who had a contract with the church, thus he become a priest. He eats demon who is causing all trouble for human (his reason was still unknown as to why). Unlike any demons, he is the only one who can enter the holy city of Vatican, the Central of the priest where the pope resides without restrictions and not affected by any barriers. The reason because it was futile to make resistant as their is no one who is on par with his power both demon and human world.


Their fate starts when a news spread that their is a demon attacking and killing girls in the neighboring churches. The Vatican church then a priest, Albretch, to investigate the matter. On his way he got lost and meet Nora. She then accompany him back to the church. There a priest was also present saying he was travelling but later when the night has fallen he revealed his true color and attack Nora for food. However, the demon cannot even get near to her, Albreatch then shows himself and told the demon that his power is too low to be able to touch Nora. However, a child from the orphanage was looking for her and the demon took opportunity to attack the child. Which cause an injury to Nora while saving the child leaving her to the death’s door.

Albreatch killed the demon and eat it. He then offers Nora a choice whether to live or die which Nora choose the first – to live. He offered him that their is a life outside this village and she is not a curse but a blessing because unconsciously she was protecting the village for the last 15 years. A contract was then created between Albreatch and Nora using his blood he saved her.  But there is always a downside on her part, she needs to feed with his blood to replenished her life which Albreatch find really delightful as kissing her was a way and the only way to do it. (Yup, lots of kissing scene her. ><)


As the story develops, they reach the Vatican and meet the pope Vin as well as one of the seven cardinals Gabriel. Vin then requested that the two of them stay in the Vatican and even build a house close to the church for Nora and Albreatch. Since Vin is somewhat twisted who uses polite words to send them on missions which the chapters is currently revolving. They set on different missions which benefits Vin the most. (Vin is somewhat an evil match maker and trouble maker always brewing something.) Thanks to Vin’s evil schemes Nora is finding herself developing affection to his demon master.



Kainushi Wa Akuma has no official english name but translating it to English it’s probably My Demon Owner has the same creator with Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 (the last one I made a review).Anyway, I have read mixed opinions on this manga but I guess it boils down to our own preferences. As for me this is my style of manga a dark romantic comedy. Moreover, it has the anime art style which I really love about – classic. The plot is not roundabout but yes its cliche. It revolves to their relationship as master and pet. Albreatch also shows being low key jealous having revenge by showing affection and possessiveness. While he is slowly teaching her to completely master her ability.


This is sill on-going manga. The reason I like this is Nora’s straightforward opinions and strong willed. Albreatch low key teasing on her also adds the comedy and romance on them. So I’m looking forward to what is truly her ability why the church protected her and how strong Albreatch is.



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