Manga Review: Kiken na Honey

One shot stories collection: Kiken na Honey

dkiken_na_honey_story001_pg003.jpgKiken no Honey. One day, Yoshino picks up a very handsome guy who falls and fainted on her house’s garden. When he asked his name he told her it was “K”. His identity is unknown and filled with riddles but never the less she allowed her to stay on her room when he asked to stay. Their cute story started when he said to her that “I’ll teach you everything that’s fun.” and so a date was set. Thing are going well with them however K told her that “She should never fall for her”. But that was the least of her problem as her family found out about K living in her room. K shoulder all responsibilities denying his connection with her. Yoshino found herself lonely and one day she saw him on tv. And that’s where she realize he truly can never reach him or so she thought as one night a handsome starnger falls in the garden one more time.

kkiken_na_honey_story002_pg012.jpgKaizoukei Darling. Atsushi never stands out in class as he was hiding his beauty behind his glasses. He and Miwa are already boyfriends and girlfriend which everybody knows of it and even was jealous of their public affection towards each other. On his birthday Atsushi wishes that she fulfilled their promise to be together. With courage Miwa went to his house and only to find out that his father has a debt and in order for Atsushi to continue to go to school he must join the beauty contest for male students who is overall good-looking and excellent in sports and academics. No choice left for Atsushi, he joined and trouble began to brew. As his face attracted all female students insecurities started to build around Miwa much worse all those she heard from people around her is starting to consume her. A day before the competition Miwa saw an angry Atsushi thinking it was because she ran away the last time they meet her fear grows bigger. On the day of the competition Miwa meet an accident. What will be Atsushi choice will he choice her or the competition?


Kiss Made no Ondo. Yuuna, Retsu and Miyata are friends since junior high school and has been sticking together. Yuuna always describe Retsu a forever hungry like a dog as well as mad dog personality. She then describe Miyata as flirty and moody cat. But everybody in school always praise her as she is aable to manage to tame this two trouble maker. However, when Retsu suddenly confess to her out of the lue trouble begin. She already know deep inside that she likes Miyata since the moment they meet. But his indifference and perverted acts towards her she keep silent of her feelings. Will Retsu manage to snatch her heart or will Yuuna reach her feelings to Miyata? Or will Miyata let this do together and keep his true feelings to herself?

ckiken_na_hani_v001_story004_pg001.jpgMotto, Zutto. Tadashi and Haruhi are childhood best-friends. However, Haruhi always think that Tadashi is only a guardian to her. On a firework festival Haruhi was invited by a classmate who shows interest in her as well as her classmates . One of her classmate curious as to Tadashi true feelings to her give her a tip that she should asked Tadashi to also known what he felt for her. But Tadashi decline her offer so she decided to go with everyone on her class. Unexpectedly, Tadashi was also their and she find out that the later come because a classmate of them who go to cram school with him invited him. That’s when she realize he doesn’t see her as a girl. Wanting to changed that in order to confess her feelings. She started to do things on her own. She wake up early and prepare herself and manage herself to school. However, it all end up to failure. She can’t do it and in the end he is always there saving her every moment. Can she ever had the chance to confess?

ckiken_na_hani_v001_story005_pg001.jpgGokujou Narcissist. Saimon and Chika are childhood friends. However, Chika always so him as top rated narcissist who self praised himself and would always say that “Are you falling for me?” towards her. Thus Chika always end up thinking he wants to conquered all the girls at school and keep distance to their relationship. Chika had a boyfriend which Saimon always call small fry but never the least he never ruined their relationship until one day when Chika was asked by her mom to go to Saimon’s house to bring food as his parents are away. And by stroke of fate Saimon kissed her sending havoc to her system. Making her realize the surpass feelings she had for him because she was afraid. Chika then confess to her boyfriend about her real feelings and pave their separate ways not wanting to hurt anybody else. The next morning he asked that he should forget what happened which angered Chika. She throw her shoes on his head and shouted “He should had never done it if he would only asked her to forget about it. It was not only because it was her first kiss but she cannot forget it.” Will Saimon fixed this heart problem and win her back affection?


If you don’t have enough time to watch and anime or read a lengthy manga. One shot stories collection: Kiken na Honey is the best for you. Being a student who always have to read 300 pages everyday not to mention cases reading one shots manga in between is a great stress reliever as well as refresher to me. The stories on this collections are sweet and cheesy enough to give you energy as well as romantic vibes that will make your heart warm and give you a little smile. Perhaps make you dream of our own love story. Moreover, each stories has different flavor and no similarities at all. And enjoyable collection for your small spare time.


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