My 2017 Anime Movie Marathon

Yup! You read the title right. Since I really don’t have time to watch anime movies the moment it release or becomes available in my country. At year end I do anime movie marathon of those which I wanted to watch. I was streaming on youtube for Your Lie in April piano ost covers to accompany me on studying when a recommendation on 2017 upcoming animes caught my eye. (My gosh I can’t wait to be December vacation!) Lots of good movies are really up for this year! So I’m sharing my list (I think more will be added) as well as synopsis and background from the series. And please do watch them legally, okay? Or support them by buying the DVD release. ūüôā


Sword Art Online Movie: Ordinal Scale

Credits goes to owners. Trailers I choose to put are those which had the highest view.

Who don’t know the anime SAO?! Honestly, I am not this type of genre before but SAO definitely change that. When I first saw this – I can’t really stop watching until the end of the season. I even look for the novels and read it. (><) But anyways, the movie synopsis is really long and here is the link to wiki¬†Movie Synopsis. But basically, this movie is¬†where Asuna lost her memories being player of Aincrad the first virtual game and Kirito sets of to recover her memories. (OMG! He also propose!) I was chatting my brother and asked him about details of this anime. He just said that the animation and graphics of the movie is beyond amazing from the¬†series. Does he recommend that if you want to watch it make it worth with 1080HD.

Kuroshitsuji Movie: Book of the Atlantic

Click me for¬†Movie Synopsis.¬†Who don’t drool on Sebastian’s evil and deadly charm?! I usually fall for a devil kind of anime character. I don’t know they had the charm I can’t really resist. Anyways, I really am not surprise with BB having a movie since the anime series is also a dope. Plus, the live action remake was done will. But basically the first reason I watch it because of Hiro Muzushima. (Nyahaha.. Blame Gokusen I got hooked with him.)


Detective Conan: The Crimson Love Letter (Movie 21)

Yey! I found a trailer although its teaser 4. (ToT)

I love the anime but the live action version nhaa~~~ forget it. Shinichi was not a hot intelligent looking high school guy in my eyes. I even fall asleep on the middle while watching it! But the anime movies they are definitely precious. My last movie for Detective Conan is Movie 18: Dimensional Sniper. I have 3 movies to catch up. But we all know if its Conan it’s definitely worth it. Here is the spinet of the plot Movie Synopsis. To be released on April 15, 2017.


Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry 

No words for FT because its for the win. (Will for me. ^^V)

Fairy Tail is my most favorite anime and manga. Despite how busy and cram I am with my school I always put a time for this anime. I watch anime and read the manga at the same time. I’m really a hard core fan. Maybe the reason because I like how the characters portrayed plus fantasy and adventure is my genre personality. Moreover, their is also a shipping of characters which I hope has a happy ending. When the first movie came up I really watch it in 1080 HD despite the internet is as slow as turtle.

According to the comments and review, this movie shows that Natsu might be showing that Lucy is really his ideal girl and he loves her. I hope they end (I mean how frustrated I am reading the Bleach last chapter! Kubo with all the hype for IchiRuki.. Grrrrrr.. my ship sinking at the bottom of Pacific Ocean no chance survival!) I also see no reason why they are not meant for each other and like remember episode 1 where charm spell on fake salamander was broken when Lucy saw Natsu. Accordingly, a chram spell can only be broken if you saw your soulmate. And there is only Natus and Happy! It will definitely not be Happy since Charla is his apple of the eye. So yeah!

Here is the movie Synopsis. Stay tuned it will be initially released on May 6, 2017.


Doraemon the Movie 2017

Definitely I don’t want to miss this! I mean this is our childhood. Up until know I still have my Doraemon stuff toys. They definitely one of the reason why I love anime when I was a kid. Doraemon’s pocket is so endless and so big.

Kuroko no Basuke: Last Game

After finishing Slamdunk both in manga and anime I never really watched sports anime. (Yup, I haven’t watch Free, Yuri on Ice and etc.) But Kuroko no Basket easy stole my heart. First, I was grab by the graphics and how well the anime is drawn. And secondly, I fall in love with Izuki and Akashi. So when all three season has come to an end it was really a mixed feeling of yey the ending was a bam! and nahh~~ no more KNB but rise up as the movie is on the way.

Accordingly, the story will take place where an American team came to the Japan and play basketball. However, Japan’s team was easily defited and to my surprise Japan’s team is actually composed of the former captains and best player of all the teams in the series. So anyway, Riko’s father then assembled the generation of miracles plus Kagami ¬†the team then was called Vorpal swords. And so the revenge game starts.

Here is a well written synopsis of the movie as well as additional facts –¬†Kuroko no Basket: : Last Game

No Game No Life РZero 

After all this years I have been waiting for season 2 and the manga updates but to no avail nothing has come until this time where an announcement of the movie. As I watch the trailer I did not read the description nor browse the comment and I was filled with question. I was like how did Shiro become a meca and what’s with her outfit and she is so powerful. Then Sora was like a lover on the clips. Did they ended up as lovers?! Then I was like, What! Tet the Disboard god is having a tea time with Asuna. What just happened why are all looks like a time before ~~~ that’s when I realize that this is a story way before Sora and Shiro was brought to Disboard. Infact was like a prequel on how things become like this.

According to what I have reads on the comments/opinions this will show why Shiro and Sora was brough by Tet on the other world. So the hypee is really in the air. Click this to know more about the movie No Game No Life: Zero


Lupin the Third: Goemon Ishikawa’s Spray of Blood


Last on this list is none other than Lupin’s Movie. One thing I like about Lupin is how they kept the animation style. They did not make it like the anime graphics this day which makes me appreciate it more. Lupin is one of the oldest anime but the great thief is still super great as it continues to steal the heart of the audience. Moreover, this movie is how Lupin and Jigen work together. (Well, I did see it coming sometime. hahaha)

Here is the movie excerpt: Lupin the Third Movie





This is not yet the end of the anime marathon list. I believe Fate Stay night and Kabaneri will also having a movie. Yey! So much for one year. Stay tuned! And all credits of the videos goes to the rightful owner.




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