Manga Review: Haru (Hal)


“I cherished you more than anything… Please smile again. I beg you,. I pray for you. Keep smiling. I wouldn’t be by your side to protect you anymore.” 


Hal.(Movie).full.1428755Hal, Kurumi’s boyfriend whom she spent all her years and created lots of unforgettable memories die. “In the world where robot looks like human and live with human in order to save this boy please be Hal.”

Robot Hal was then created because of the concern of the professor, a family of Karumi, and Kurmi’s grandfather who saw the situation. After completing Robot Hal, he was then send back home where Kurumi lives. Hal then finds Kurumi who was locking herself out. With the help of rubrics cube where her wishes and thoughts are written down Hal then did his best to solve the puzzles and grant the wish. He then slowly began to understand humans more and reach Kurumi’s heart. Slowly Kurumi open her heart to Robot Hal. As the wishes has been granted one at a time. As the feelings grew back like how it use to be.

maxresdefaultAn unexpected person appear Ryuu, Hal’s childhood friend who knows and was with him in his dark past pursues Kurumi and him. Robot Hal then asked him Hal was a violent perosn like what Kurumi has written on the cube. Trying to not make the same mistake as Hal, Robot Hal continue to grant the written wish. But what if one day, all the dreams and nostalgic feelings Robot Hal is feeling and seeing are Hal’s real feeling. And what if one day he realize it was not Hal who died but it was his lover Karumi? Will he ever ind the forgiveness he was looking.



Haru written and illustrated by Ayase Umi is a story of love, guilt and the seeking of forgiveness. This is the most heartbreaking short manga I had ever read. Haru is about a boy who loss his self when the person whom her treasured and love the most die while they have unresolved fight. A misunderstanding that was never cleared up. A mistake that was never forgiven. Because of this he becomes an empty shell. Slowly losing his self until none was left and so his mind in order to survived thinks that he was robot.

Moreover guys I found that this was turned into movie with the title Hal. And yes, it was already release way back 2014 as this manga was already released in 2013. This is a love story of forgiveness and moving on. And I highly recommend you either watch or read the manga. Beware of cutting onion ninjas. But the two of them looked like the split image of the characters of Ao Haru Ride? Hahaha.. or am I the only one thinking about that?




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