Manhwa Review: Don’t Cry Boreumi

Once there was this womanizing taoist who wants to have a beautiful child and when he lay his eyes on a goddess he seduced him until their daughter was conceived and born. Her mother named her Wol-yeong but her father named her Boreumi. Stolen from her mother at birth, she lives with her father on earth. Leaving the goddess angry. Her whereabouts are hidden from her mother by the protective charms set up around their house and she is always forbidden to leave them.


One day while his father was away for another prowl of woman, he meet a man playing a flute. As they get to know each other he falls in love with the man (seriously after all his womanizing he prefers yaoi). In order to stay close to the man he offers a marriage proposal for Boreumi to marry the man’s son. Boreum being half goddess the man agreed and break off his son engagement that was set to another because he thought she might be a match to his womanizing son. Boreumi might tame his son.

During the wedding, the angered goddess mother visit the place of the governor. But the meeting with her mother did not quite turn well as Boreumi was protecting her father she ended up receiving the curse which now hide her true beauty. This angered her mother more and Chun Park was turned into a dog. After the angered mother calmed down, she told Boreumi that a way to break a curse is true love. She also give her a pair of moonlight earrings that could restored her beauty. And threaten the household that if she cry she will punished and erase them all.

17.jpgNow all that is left is to find true love. But when full moon strike with the help of the moonlight earing Boruemi turns back to her real face and with silver hair Si Baek accidentally saw her. She gave her name as Wol-yeong. What more complications will break out? As this secret is also known to Kyeong-up. Will her true love be her womanizing husband Si Baek which Boreumi that was struck with love-at-first sight or Kyeong-up who show interest on her despite her tatooed appearance who also know her secret.


Eohwadungdungnae Boreumi – the original title is giving me a hard time so let’s just use the English title Don’t cry Boruemi/ Lovely Boruemi of the manhwa – a korean version of manga written and illustrated by Lee Yun Hee. Its a historical comedy and fantasy. Honestly, I think I have read this kind of plot (I’ve already read a lots of manga and books) that is why I kind of felt the familiarity of the story. But since this is still the first volume of the story and still on-going we might have the twist of events.

The character development is still far, as the story is just beginning. Whether Boreumi will become as powerful like her parents and who is really his husband Si Baek aside from being a womanizer. Moreover, who could be her true love. Yeah, obviously the husband would be the one but what if it will be Kyeong-up (the second lead) she might develop feelings as he treat her preciously.



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