A Parents Love

A Parents Love


A parents love is immeasurable. They are deeper that the known trench of the ocean. And the furthest place known to man. They want the best for their children materially, emotionally and physically that is how they love. They cry when you cry. They are hurt when you are hurt. And every downfall they are always extending their hands for you to grab and stand. They push you when you fall back. And they catch you when you stumble.

But along the journey of everybody life we always meet dark clouds and lighting that shocks both our hearts and mind. In an unexpected yet a very common occurrence in life there are events that changes everybody. For once upon a time when they saw their parents fight over something as a kid it will always be in their mind and unconsciously shape them. Yet somehow, because a mom and dad was always doing their best to make their mistake right a new smile will always be since. A new beginning will always begin. A new tomorrow is to be written. 

A parents love is more than the value of gold, diamonds and anything which money can by. Those materials are measurable at the end they will always have equivalent value but not the love a parents can give. So don’t take it for granted. A parents love is a treasure God has given to any individual. Savor it as you continue your life. For a parents love that you have received will be pass down to your next generation and that is a greatest gift one may called a legacy. 



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