Manga Review: Kimi wa Maru de, Ano Hana no You de

kimi-wa-maru-de-ano-hana-no-you-de-3463057“Although I’ve decided that I will not fall in love with you but once again her I am falling in love with you.” 

Love at first sight in Junior School she joined the basketball team (because he is in basketball team) to confess her feelings when time comes. But unlike any heroine Hinagata Nazuna hide her feelings to this senpai, a second year student  Ichikawa Nao. Why? Because Nao has a girlfriend Hina, the basketball manger of the team. So she buried her feelings and continue as if nothing happens at all.

However, on the first day of her high school were she planned to fall in love to someone else she unexpectedly bumped to her first love Nao the one who break her heart not knowing it though. Once again the feelings she had longed buried was open. She was falling in love all over again.

His greatest lie to Nazu.

But now is different he no longer plays and she no longer wanted to join the team until her friend forces her threatening she would be the one confessing on Nao. Undecided she went to see Nao to asked the reason why she did not join the club only to realize that he was hurting. Hurting because Hina, Nao’s ex-girl who died a year ago. He is still in love. For every time he plays he maybe happy but then at the end it hurts so bad like her death becomes all over again.

Nazu determined to help Nao, she challenging him on a basketball game if she wins he will sign in the club together with her. Can a dandelion a grow a place on his heart where a Sakura tree is already in there in full bloom.


Kimi wa Maru de, Ano Hana no You de or You, Who is Like a Flower is a short manga. It has two chapters only with a hanging ending. (The type of story you must imagine a good ending so your heart won’t be broken). Like you can really say THAT’S IT! Did she got an answer?!  Did he move on! I want answer. This type of ending. But overall it’s heart aching. (But not as hard I cried on Haru. haha). I’m pretty sure that the story in helping someone to move on many could relate. Specially if your are helping someone to move one from a love that was lost in death. Because moving on from a person’s death and a person who died is much harder than those who are still living. (Speaking from experience.) So if you want to learn from the strong Nazu I highly recommend this.



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