Miracles in Summer

Miracles of Summer

They said summer brings your warmth. That unlike any other season it shall bring you sunshine and happiness. But as the sun is high, as the clouds is in most blue and even if the waves of the ocean sings, an emptiness from someone no matter what season it will always be hallow. A pain that neither the change of season can cure. A pain that pierce right to a soul. A pain of searching the one you cannot see anymore. Listening to someone one cannot hear anymore. Hear me, where are you Miracles of Summer? 

I’m waiting for the Miracles in Summer. Knock of my door. Shine on my window. Show me the signs of moving on. Give me a miracle full of warmth one cannot be found in the coldness of winter, in the nostalgic fall and the new beginning of spring. Warmth that will give me the strength to change myself. To move on from this pain. I’m selfish to ask this but I am was a fool. I want power to change things. But I’m human only human, a human asking for miracles. So hear me Miracles of Summer, when I see that sunflower?


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