My Peter Pan

My Peter Pan

Hey, do you remember you said there is a place we will never grow up?
Do you remember when you came to my window and asked me to fly with you?
To the place you call Neverland
A world where all our laughters and smiles was store like a treasure
Neverland a place full of smiles and adventure
A place we fight against villains
A place we freely fly

But like a dream we need to go back
So I wrote it all in my diary to never forget
I begin to recall everything in the past
A memories that told me nothing is a dream
Where my heart beat so fast as I turn the pages
Where your smile lit up my world as I remember

You are my Peter Pan
This world is so lonely without you
I wanna go back to Neverland
So no matter how long I will wait for you
By the window where you first came by
On the same window were we flew away
The same window that marks the start of our adventure
Because no matter what
You’ll always be my Peter Pan
I will wait for you
I knew this is not the end
We will meet again
By this window My Peter Pan


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