Changing of Seasons

Changing of Seasons


Flowers bloom, birds chirping, Oh Spring youre finally here
The signs of new beginning has finally returned
But ah, I’m still missing you
But like this spring I will smile and let it fly in the air
By and by like how this flowers bloom, I will bloom
And along this new beginning a will smile
As spring erases the cold signs of winter
Missing you will become a good memory

Oh Summer, you call me on for a wild adventures
The ocean, the waves, the skies and the sun I hear them I feel them
Kissed me my summer, leave me a mark
So I can be brighter, merrier and bolder
Missing you is slowly drifting by
Completly replaced by the happiness summer has bring
Finally, this bright morning has erased the darkness
Flowers had bloomed towards the skies

But as Autumn leaves has fallen, why does everything becomes nostalgic
As the tress turned into orange red like a burning candle
A spark has come to life, a spark of pain
Ah, again I’m missing you
The leaves are falling and like a memory they are autumn color bright yet painful
Autum, why are you like this?
Even your breeze feels I’m back to that time, red and orange
Like the autumn trees were the leavves are falling so is our love

The snow has fallen, like my tears when I’m missing you
As I stare at the snowflakes, endless memories flows
Ah, Winter has come, cold and white
You walking away is like snow you faded when I reach for you
Winter is both cruel and soothing
Sleepless nights once again has comeback
I want to embrace the coldness so it can no longer hurt me
Winter, hear me make me white and pure as your snow


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