Don’t Push Love

Don’t push Love


Don’t fall in love because somebody tease you. Don’ rush the feelings the slowly blooming because somebody says you should move fast. Don’t fall in-love because they say you two look good together. Remember a push my be a good start to reach the ending. However, you might not know that a lot of stone way on the path and you stumble. You fall, you bleed and your got hurt. And because it was a push you were not prepare for the sit-back.

Love blooms like a flower after a winter. Like a rose after giving all the necessities it needs. A love that blooms because you water it, give it sunlight and take care of it is more worthy than a love cultivated for fast result. Don’t push love for real life is not like a story written in book or shown in tv. Don’t push love be on your own pace. Don’t push love remember all your worth.


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