Fallen Hero


Fallen Hero
In the memory of a friend, Keth

Money. Pride. Honor.Status. Is this the reason? Is this really enough? To put a life in line of duty not knowing if tomorrow they shall see the sunrise or today they can still see the sunset. I don’t know cause I didn’t bother. I lived in a place where war is far away. Were its peaceful enough that I don’t even bother to know. I was ignorant for I was happy. I didn’t care because none of it bother me. 

But then a comrade has fallen. He was a friend. I wonder why did he take this path? He don’t need money. He was well off. He had the status. He can be someone far from this duty. But why? I don’t have the answer. I will never had the right answer. But then this story told me, out there lives in different ages, races and for different reason fight for peace. Fight for their country. Fight for peace. 

Our friend has fallen. But what his story told us it will never be forgotten. It was not in vein. He died as a man who stand on what he believed. That no matter how screwed you were once it will never be too late for a change. To fight. To find the path that was meant for you even if tomorrow would never shine. So I raise my hand and salute. Rest in peace.  Your story will always be remember.  


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