Manga Review: Nadashiko Club

nadeshiko-club-662108Dump by her boyfriend because Reo cannot do household works she made a bargain with her ex boyfriend that if she learned they will get back. So she went to the infamous Economic Prep Club to sign up only to find out four bishie or handsome boys of the club. Three of which are second years (senpais) and one first year whom being treated as slave (as a joke). Due to lack of members and brink of disbandment she was immediately accepted. She told her story and they agreed to help her.

0ee2f61f0aaff5da7051faf6f0f5435bBut due to their infamousness she agreed only for one month. And so in the evil hands of this evil bishie she began the training.  However, her ex got her doped as he had no planning on fulfilling that promise which she accidentally heard. Crush because of this she decided to not continue anymore. However, but stroke of fate Yo, the first year of Economic Club, told her she become better after her ex that there are other reasons aside from her scumbag ex.

Gain a new confidence and a new beginning. So she went back to the club and sign up again. Reo unknowingly had already captured Yo’s heart. As their love story progress the evil seniors now wanted to play the cupid. But unlike cupid’s them getting together more like cupid disaster. As this three seniors are too lazy that all work load are passed to the two of them. Seo, the club president, as well as school president, the most evil among the three seniors but love advisers of the two while playing dumb is so frustrated of the development of this couple that he initiated them to be together with his evil schemes. Involving also another evil schemer Yo’s older brother Kou who had brother complex and a crush to Reo.


Nadashiko Club at first I though it will be the same as Yamato Nadashiko Shichi Henji  turns out I’m only 10% correct. Their only similarities are the four handsome boys and one female protagonist. Like Yamato Nadasheko, Reo had only one love interest which is Yo and the seniors had also different love life (yup side stories all of them are present as well as their love interest). No over lapping and whatsoever complicated stuff.

Moreover, Reo is a character who does not dash her feelings confessing. Though she had the typical character shyness and committing mistakes then gain confidence (a typical character in all this type of manga). Her feelings was not even reveled to Yo without the bargain Seo made. And how their love story upon confession progress is both pitiful and cute as the evil seniors always gets on the way. It took me 3 days to finish this even though it is on 35 chapters. Reason? I’m not really into full high shool romance comedy that has no humor like SA (something like their is impossible things can be done type).I even had a hard time finishing Say, I love you, Bokuro ga Ita, and Kimini todoki anime likes. Hahaha.. I’m so not into cheesyness after all.

But for those who wants to fall in love all over high school again and reminiscence club activities. This is a good manga. Specially if you don’t like the exaggerated strength and super human powers.


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