That Big House

That Big House

That big house, it has two floors, marble flooring and the grand starcase
That big blue house, I had my own space, I was happy
That big house were chandeliers hung proud and majestic
That big house where the fence is high, a big blue pool and a green wide lawn
People say how lucky am I to be living in that big house
I can run and do all the stuff imaginabale
But that big house they are pointing, how I hate that big house

I hate that big blue house
I didn’t remember mother knocking on my door to wake me up
I didn’t hear mother calls us for breakfast
I didn’t hear father says his home after work
I didn’t see brother and sister arrive aftering from school

That big blue house, like a maze puzzle, I always got lost
Lost in confusion, in a question, am I living alone in this big house?
Am I playing hide and seek with them?
In that big house I grew alone
Now till me was it worth it
To have that big blue house


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