I wanted to shout until my voice runs out
I wanted to know them about this pain
The pain I’ve been holding on
The pain that is consuming me
But whenever I find the courage
Time would not allow me
I become voiceless

No, im not heart broken
I’m worse than that
I’m losing myself to something I don’t even know
I want to speak out
To let my parents know I am hurting
But can I bear to see them suffering with me
Can I see their faces hurting because of me
I know the answer
Love, I become voiceless

So I run to my bestfriend
But before reaching her, I stumble
And as look up I ralize I cannot add to her problem
She also has her own to deal
So I stand up on my own
The moment she turn her back I smiled
Like I always used to do
So used I don’t need o fake it anymore
I put up the face
A face with a perfect canvass of nothing’s wrong
A front no one will ever see through
Will somebody ever hear my this voiceless?


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