Manga Review: Harem Lodge

263900d9396405018e98c40ec6bcb2beOkay stop! I know what you are thinking! Hahaha.. But seriously this is far from that. The story starts when Midorin’s father had passed away leaving her alone in the world. A letter left by his father state that he should go look for Tetsuya on this address and it turns out the address was a lodging name Harem Lodge run by a gay (not really guy it just happened sort of complicated but it shall be told also in the manga) name Cassy real name Mashino who only keeps handsome tenant.

When Midorin was inside she found bunch of weirdos name Ayumi a handsome boy who is more beautiful than a girl oldest among tenant (20) and studying in a university (he looks more of a high schooler), Oda a foreigner like Tetsuya who had golden hair and piercing blue eyes but hidden in an appearance of a Japanses gangster style (he was thinking if he looks more Japanese he can make friends so he copy that style) and eventually become the local gang leader without him realizing it. Midorin was really scared how weird Tetsuya would be but when she saw her he was actually handsome, the silent type who looks deadly and dangerous. Tetsuya on the other hand is half french who falls in love with Midorin when they are kids and promise to protect her. That is the reason why he came to Japan. When she said her reason for coming, Cassy don’t like girl tenants whoever Tetsuya boldly announced that it is her wife. (Which is kind of true because they are married when they where kids.. haha). But the real problem starts and the biggest of them all is the possibility of losing the Harem Lodge. Will they be able to save it.


Harem Lodge at first I really thought it was like an anime like harem, like seriously harem but there is actually none. The love story is only with Tetsuya and Midorin not even a third person for their love story. It’s more about how they develop. And then the story of each lodger. (All of them are actually freaking rich but struggle with that richness too). It a good romance shoujo for a short break. It has 9 chapters only and the comedy goes will with the story.

Really read it, the first date was really hilarious, remember in Ouran Host Club the first date of Tamaki and Haruhi where he is wearing a traditional clothes. Something similar happened on this two the only difference it is more disaster as their is no host club members to save Tetsuya cheesiness.


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