You asked why can’t I open my heart?
Why I am running away from a love?
Let me tell you a story
Once there was a girl
She was cheerful, easy going and positive
But behind her smile there is a cry
In her heart their is a deep scar
A pain engrave in her heart, mind and soul
And pain called rejection

Do you know how it feels to be rejected?
To always see those eyes that doesn’t care
To hear words that pierce right to your soul
What did I do wrong?
They say if you excel everything will be fine
They say if you become someone they will care
All I did was for them to be proud and happy
But at the end of the day I’m hurting
I give up my dreams to be that someone
It hurts so much when they asked how is life
You just say I’m fine and smile

Now till me how can I open my heart?
I am afraid that I will turn to someone I don’t want to be
I am afraid that I will do the same
Love, how can I love when I don’t fully understand it
I am not running away
The shadow of my past is holding me back
It’s called rejection


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