Manga Review: Naisho no Jikan

naisho-no-jikan-2898611.jpgAt school, Mahiro is the super straight-laced honor student. Who after classes straight not right home but to her secret, her part time job as a cosplayer maid on his uncle coffee shop (the one like Misa-chan on maid-sama is working). Everything seems doing well with this until a customer left a phone on the shop which she looked and accidentally bumping on her classmate Hinato. School’s second in ranking right after her.


However, since Mahiro is a complete nerdy look at school with big glasses that hides her face Hinato did not recognized her. Her persona Ma-chan, the cosplayer maid is long haired, does not wear glasses and completely 180 degrees different from Mahiro at school. She desperately run because as a scholar student she is not allowed to take part time jobs and she is afraid he might recognized. In short end of her school life. But among unfortunate events her golden bracelet a memento from his mom was lost. Later knowing at school it was on Hinata. On the other hand, Hinata, had learned that she (Mahiro) is the niece of the cafe. mahira upon confrintation s then said that the name of that girl is Rika . Hinato who is smitten on Rika’s beauty agreed that only when Rika will meet her personally he will return the bracelet.

Will she be able to peacefully live her double life after her classmate Hinata discovers her secret? But then Hinata feels weird she is torn between Rika and Mahiro? Moreover, Mahiro’s younger brother which cause jealously to Hinata complicates matter. But then when the school administration found out this secret, will Hinata be his light and shining armor?

aae4df05f7056dec9dd6679a29c6a7ebNaisho no Jikan or My Nerdy Girl is a one shot manga story. It has 5 chapters and one side story which is different from the original story. It has a cute love story progression because Hinata actually took time to realize that Mahiro and Rika is the same. Infact, he realized her feelings to Hinata first before he had know the identity. Moreover what I like most is how shy and rude boy he is when expressing his feelings. And him being jealous is so cute. As for Mahiro’s character, I know someone personally with the same characteristics that is why I like her too. She is an independent girl, despite it is not allowed to partime she did it because she is the breadwinner and eldest among siblings. She also knows how to express her true feelings. Like any teenage girl she has 101 how to avoid crush. (hahaha). Me having lots of part time really understand this feelings. I really admire students who part time but also does not neglect studies. (Just want to add this last sentence.)

So yeah, I highly recommendable for your 30 minutes break. Worth it. Fun slice of life and school romance.


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