True Beauty

True Beauty


People stare. People judge. The girl with red hair. But last week it was grey but last month that was blue. What is she, a unicorn? Look, her nails are different, what a punk. Even her dress, i don’t understand. She wears normal, good one but sometimes something is off with her fashion. What is she? Probably looking for great attention.

Oh but to hell with it. Give them the most beautiful smile. The most confident walk. Chin up, you are wearing your own crown. The crown of True Beauty. Bear in mind not everyone can pull it off. Only those people who have truly accepted their personalities, their inner beauties and embraces their uniqueness can show it off. Can flaunt it to everyone. 

Red hair, ah yes, I am fierce in the month of autumn. Ombre white, ah, it was the purity of winter. Pink, I want to contrast the blue ocean and skies. I am that unicorn but the most beautiful and definitely not generic. Nails, I am an artist of my own. I paint miniatures flower, animals and whatever I imagine I am calling it a talent. Dress,oh please, I dress to kill. Did you get shoot?

They may judge, insult and scorn but you know who you are. The people you treasure knows the inner beauty you have. Insecurities can kill. Make them remember that never judge a book by its cover and price.


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