We were young back then. We don’t know the world. We cannot argue with our parents. Yet we are bold enough. We make decisions that change everything in our life. Our love was forbidden. Our families does not approve. But we do not heed. Despite odds and bumps we continue. But that love was not enough to face all odds.

After years, in the same crowd we face each other – again. But things are different there is no more us. You have yours. And I have nothing to fight for. I laugh along this crowd but inside I’m dying. It hurts so much pretending to be okay Cause after all these years I was stuck. My life move on but my heart was not able. There is something I have been waiting.

Regrets? No, I have none. The truth is I just want to see you happy and by then I know I have finally found the closure I wanted. So I asked you? Are you happy? You smile and say Yes. That is then when relief flooded in my heart. That if finally I’ve been wating for. A closure for our past.


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