Reluctant Hero

Reluctant Hero

Like a nightmare it haunted me. The memories are like glass shards stuck in my brain. The pain is like a broken time. It resets every time it strikes midnight. Trap in the agony of death. I see your face. I hear your voice. I feel your grief. It was a torture. A dose of my own poison. Its killing all over again.

If only I could turn back the time. The time where we all smile. The time where we laugh. The time where we are alive. Back to the peaceful time even if we are blind. Blind of the darkness of the world. Back to the time we are ignorant. If only I can go back. I won’t cower anymore. No matter what price I shall pay. But you who is my strength left me. Showing me like I’m just a tiny peeble standing infront of the wall. Telling me I could never fly.

I am nothing but a reluctant hero. I am someone who cannot move on his own. Push me! Push me! Push me so that I can move forward! You told me life is too short! I cannot be a coward forever. If I die I’d rather bring down the cause of sorrow. I want to become brave. Like all the heroes who had fallen on a battle. Selfish as it seems I don’t want to die too fast. They will become my prey as I will be a predator. A path no longer a reluctant hero.


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