Dark – nothing but black
I scream but not even an echo returns
So I lay down
To surrender in this darkness
Then I hear something breaking
Crack – like a broken glass
A small light break on the sky of darkness
I wanted to reach it
It hurts
My arms bleed and breaking
But I didn;t care
Then I felt it
The warmth nothing to be compared
Spreading and diving into my soul
Igniting my whole body

I open my eyes and gasp for air
I remember my reasons
I haven’t given up yet
I will reach my destination
Stand at the heights
Shout my victory to this crowd
Show the world of what can become
For I will ignite my own destiny
This pai I feel is just along the road
So pull that trigger of hindrance
I will go on head on and smash it
Even if I am again swallowed by darkness
My soul hs been Ignited
With this I will ignite my hallow world
Break the glassy sky of darkness
Ignite the whole world


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