Manga Review: Shikigami no Danshi

2.jpgNohara Mei is just your ordinary high school student who loves to play otami games until her grandmother had passed away. During the burial a scroll was past to her it was a heritage of their family that needs to be kept in order for their clan to never cease to exist. While taking a break from the burial she went to the forest and read the script which contains about how to summon a shikigami. Laughing on it she never had taken it seriously and out of curiosity she tried it and call Aizawa Kaoro. Kaoro is the class top student classmate who save her when she was about to fall on her chair while playing a game that had cause him a small wound which the later lick. (A necessity for the shikigami contract. A physical contact and to shout the name while summoning). Kaoro and Mei cat-dog relationship has now started. Mei learned that Kaoro is not a prince charming but a devil incarnate. However, since she is the master Kaoro unconsciously submit to her wishes even some of them are pervy stuff. Kaoro who can’t do anything takes revenge by teasing her with the same stuff she likes.


Although this is a secret, Shinomiya Kaazuya the president of occult club somehow learned about this and wishes that he become a shikigami, Mei refuses. Reason? Unlike Kaoro who had rotten personality  Kazuya is the complete opposite. In short Kazuya is too good to be a servant. But their tragedy did not end their because she got kidnapped by an Italian Mafia Bernardo Bevignani who learned about her ability. In dire situation both Kaoro and her (both of them got kidnapped) the later suggested to turn him to a shikigami. By the stroke of luk Bernado kissed her as a greeting and Mei taking this as an advantage she shouted his name and thus a contract of shikigami was created.

Due to this event they also learned that if Mei got hurt whoever is her shikigami will suffer the same consequences. Now their life has become more complicated as both Kaoro and Mei had to stay with the same house with Bernardo due to him being mafia. Having the same school, the trio, attracted the campus students and the people who wants to used her power has increased.


Shikigami no Danshi was last updated in 2015 and it only has 5 chapters. So I don’t know if their is still a possibility that this will be continue. It is such a fun manga. Yeah, it somehow looks like a reverse harem  (not really somehow.. you know what i mean.. I’m just thankful it is not those in the mainstream with large boobs and really showy pervy level) but because of the characters attitudes it makes it more fun (It’s like OHSHC or Maid sama vibe). Their is the cold genius who usually is not the idiot of the team. The idiot guy who falls i love but their is the secret serious side. Then the girl protagonist that is somehow airheaded and pervy. Will if I had that power of course I’ll use it. (I mean who would not want to be able to get close with your bias or crush.. haha)


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