Beneath the Light

Beneath the Light 

As the sun goes down a new king rule the skies
Someone we cannot escape even with all our might
None can hide from unforgiving moonlight
As we whisper a prayer of salvation
Like a wish it is lost in the silence of darkness

Every step I take, a tear falls
For the path I take is orchestrated by its light
A step weaves a new lie
A new curse I will bear
Like a shadow it will forever be following me
Reminding me the greater I seek for the light, the more it shall be visible
The moon its shining, its mocking and its laughing on me

Walking on the path of broken shards
Fate is bleeding through my resilient soul
Dyeing it to a pale and fragile blue
Its palette of lies – created this piece
Me as your canvass, you twisted my soul to your perfection
A masterpeiece for you, a shame on me
You lied, you told me in this path I shall find peace
All I have was darkness and your pale light
Indeed there is a beauty in a lie
I am bleeding in flawless harmony

But even a lie can become a truth – my truth
Even that lie becomes a brilliant light
Yet it is still beyond my reach
Maybe you are telling the truth
Maybe I belong here – beneath your light
Surronded by darkness bath with your menancing light
So whisper another spell
I will no longer pray and wish
Paint another dream
Let’s paint this old canvass with a new lie and weave a false reality

Your light are my chains
It seeps deep in my viens engrave in my pride
Bind my soul
I fear my end is about to come
So I pray for my life – again
So with smile I shall greet the darkness as a friend
Maybe there is a chance
A way out of ths cruel and deadly path
But at what cost?
A price that will bleed me and twist my soul to nothingless
To this pale full moon I lost my night
Your light has become my prison

Will tomorrow ever come?


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