False Rain

False Rain

Does a false rain exist? I don’t know. There are lot of things in this world I don’t know. And what’s scary I didn’t even bother to know. Is this what they call innocence? Or maybe its ignorance and were just looking for a pleasing term. Is my excuse worthy then? I don’t know. My mind is not giving me an answer.

I had this dream in this crowded city I am standing on the highest place. Perhaps it was a tower but my mind might be tricking me as I was almost able to touch those skies. It was a place overlooking the false light of the city. Its blinding with different colors but why does my heart ache looking those lights?

I knew the moment I raised my head there would be no looking back. I can no longer hide in the innocence or ignorance. Deep breath. You told me to never run. I looked up and saw my reflection on those skies, yes, this glassy skies. This world, this place has been a lie. It’s weird tears is starting to fall on my eyes. Then I felt it. Something has fallen? It’s cold. It’s familiar. Water? No. It was rain. Are the angels crying or was it a false rain created by this false skies? My sanity were are you. I’m falling in my own thought. It’s destructive. It drives me mad. Somebody wake me up.


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