Hamoniously in this darkness we had gather
Our future painted with despair
The moonlight exposes my sorrows
Drowning me in its cold light
Pinning me down in darkness
The secret it had whisper gives me false hope of companion
To welcome this darkness with a smile
Quitely walking on the spotlight shown by its blue light

Can you see me vanishing in the distance
Can you hear my fading strained voice
I want to love this world again but it keeps rejecting me
So I hide my dreams within my eyes
My tainted heart no longer beats
All hopes vanish in the cold night
Tears turn red

To the merciless gods above the skies
Send us a phantom carriage to part this darkness
Show us light in this lightless pale blue night
The trap you created known as dreams
Dreams that lures us into the inferno
I will burn it until no more
Whatever my be the price in the end

Forsaken I have been
In the end I still want to choose a better ending
Fallen have I become
I want to love this blood-soaked world
I see one more time this world where I was born
My heart aches even my hear beat has stop
This world dyed in cold pale blue light – dying
So instead of being forgiven
I want to forgive and restore my lost faith
Lacrimosa I want to end this with beauty
Lacrimosa I sacrifice this life
Grant and hear my last wish


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