Vogel im Käfig

Vogel im Käfig


Safe zone – a human instinct of survival. The comfortable life, like a warm candle unconsciously we cage ourselves. Afraid that warmth will be blown by the wind. This concrete jungle we circle our life. A cage with everything in it we clip our wings and live. This coloured glass we got contented.

Forgotten is the broad green earth. The clear and silver water as sun shine on it. The proud trees and the scent of earth. The magnificent nature who nurture its children despite them being the destructive force of the later. Inflicting endless pain without the feeling of remorse but rather victory. It becomes a horizon forgotten by its own children.

We all die one day. Whether were ready or not, that day will come certainly. As our soul depart in this dying land the angel from heaven or the devil shall welcome us. We can no longer fight, that is the moment of submittion to our fate. We created on our own. Regrets has no more place only acceptance. Whether whom among the two is all depends on us.

We are like bird on a cage. A human cage on society. While chance and choice are still offer. Choose something you shall not regret. Side on matters that atleast will make you better. There is still another horizon one that was abandoned and neglected, the nature. If you can’t severe your tie on your cage then atleast fly high before your restrains stop you and pulled you down.


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