A Child’s Scar

A Child’s Scar


She grew up strong, independent, easy going, well mannered and any full of positive attitudes. But behind this facade is a scar she got when she was a child. A scar nobody knows and will never knew. A scar that silently form her. A scar she well know and accepted it. But for a scar time to time the wounds open again like it was yesterday. Like a replay forever will be played on her memories. She bleeds silently like as her cryies are swallowed by darkness of the four corners of her room.

You see she was born out of wedlock. There was never an assurance of a happy home but fate smile and declared she get what she deserves. But as she grew up as a child she slowly started to understand the place she was in. Her surrounding makes her grew fast than a child of her age. The fights, the stares and scowls and that look. It was horrible but she managed to shallow it all and give her smile. The stones that was thrown to her she manage to keep moving forward and fight. Like a student who hurdle an entrance exam of a prestigious university she manage with A’s. 

And they live happily ever after. But the scars never faded. Many years have passed she grew up it never disappeared. The scar of being an illegitimate child even if wedding bells came after was forever engraved in her heart. And like the child she once where she smiled to hide all her cries. 


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