Manga Review: K – The First

k-the-first-5091561Power are queries. Those who can obtain this queries in which a mere mortal cannot handle are called heroes or Kings. One was with golden “prosperity”, green growth of “transformation”, red “violence”, blue “order”, the colorless king and the silver king of “immortality”. (But I’m really confuse though it said seven kings and the last king is the colorless king while the first king was silver followed by gold by if you count them there is only six.) Each of the seven kings has different ideals. But unlike the ordinary king that rule different kingdoms all kings are found in Japan under the order and influence of the golden king. One which is known to possess the most powerful queries. Ruler of them all. (His power is indeed the universe. So no wonder other kings submit unto him.)

And on the fateful night a member of Red Clan was slain by the new chosen Colorless king. Unlike any other kings the colorless king is both the weakest and the strongest. The former king is clairvoyant while the new king was possession ability. Angered by this event the Red King Suoh Mikoto (the killed one is his bestfriend so no wonder.) went on move and directly attacking the city looking for the suspect of the killer. Which was then opposed by the blue king Munukata Reishi who leads the Spectrum 4. Who keeps order in the city. 

And by chance of fate Isana Yashiro the suspected fox/slayer and colorless king was found by member of red king clan or more known as Hombra. Under his drier situation Shiro was save by Black Dog, Yatogami Kuroh. Who is the only vassal of the former colorless king. (Immortal or not Kuro has the sword that can kill any king). Acting on his previous master order he search of the new king and on decision as to whether he should be slayed or not was up to him.

kspin1It was then that Neko chan appear. The white cat who was always with Shiro from the very beginning. She found Shiro when he falls in the sky. Neko found love on Shiro’s gentleness and so she casted a spell that alternates the memories of the island academy for him to continue living on the academy.  Shiro was indeed the colorless king who killed the member of red clan but since he cannot remember they agreed to ifnd his lost memeories and judge the matter after that. So Neko erase the spell she had put but unfortunately all his memories started falling on the silvers king airship. With the three of them Shiro, Kuro and Neko being now fugitive from both red and blue kings went t investigate their own matter.

As things unfold the truth right infront of their very own eyes. The immortal king Silver was Shiro and the colorless king who possess other bodies ultimate goal is to possess the Silvers King immortal body. Colorless King then succeeded in occupying Shiro’s body which will make him invincible.  Only later t find out that the colorless king is now bound with Silver King Shiro (Silver King is the first king and equal the power of golden king.) Moreover they had the problem of the sword of the red king who in truth is dying if not stop it will end all Tokyo. Both Silver King and Colorless King in one body. The question now is he an enemy or an ally?


K- The first I already read this the last day so I forgot the names of the other characters. Rest assured I am right with the names of the main casts. But anyways, sorry if you find my summary on the story plot a little difficult its because the characters are so intertwined together with the event that to summarize it all is really hard. But nevertheless it a manga that is worth your time. It only has 16 chapters last updated in 2013 so I doubts another volume will be released. The ending is very anime like. You are left to wonder if his alive or not. Yup, like the one in Code Geass. You will wonder if Lelouch is alive or not. The same is with this manga.  Overall, it has handsome characters (ahaha.. it is a must for me), a good story and plot twist. Also I love the ending and I love the team Shiro, Kuro and Neko. 


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