We are after success. We run hurriedly to reach the top. We haven’t realize that the first step to this is the contentment of what we have. We always thought that contentment is the stagnant point of our life. An excuse because we can no longer progress. But we are so wrong. Nothing is wrong with being content after all we work hard for that level of life. But life is not about who reach first but how has firm and strong the steps we made that it shall not be blown away by simple wind or even the mightiest storm. It’s about the relationship we have built along the way. The people we have in our life. 

Walking on the the bamboo bridge passing the mangroves I realized that I miss something important. This mangroves did not grow with a sturdy roots that withstand the waves, weather and perhaps some storms for over a year or two. They did not become a home to sea creatures because they are that kind of trees. Its because they are strong and can withheld whatever mother nature throw to them. Its because they truth the trees. They grow from small to big. Perhaps more than the years we are thinking to become rooted in the sea and withstand it all.

Yet here I am hurriedly running to where they want me to be, where I want myself to be that sometimes I forgot to reflect myself. I forgot to be contented on what I have reach that day and think about tomorrow and my next move. I forgot to slow down. And because of that hurrying whenever I stumble down I hurt pretty bad. So much that giving up always come in mind. 

Contentment is not a beautiful word of giving up. It is our individual perspective or outlook of life and circumstances we are facing. It is only a matter of how you take it on your own. But it is differently not a permanent stop of our life but rather a bus stop over and the choice is on us to make. As to whether we move forward or stay behind a little while and enjoy the moment. 



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