Internet Detoxication

With my favorite Caramel Macchiato of Starbucks, chilling, phone off, I was able to finish the last two books from Kerrelyn Spark Love at Stake. 

Life is hard without the internet. If before it was an opinion now it has become a fact. After 7 days of cutting my internet, my work pile up literally. I have papers that needs attention and customer demands I need to fill up and certainly I still haven’t enroll in my next semester. But looking back it now I regret nothing. Staying away from the internet certainly completed my vacation.

It’s good that in this fast pacing life in the city we take a small vacation. Go home. To our provinces, our families. But one thing we should also left is the work that can reach us via email. The constant buzz on email notifications can ruin it. It’s not vacation if everything you left is following you. If you think you might loss and important deal all I can say you will not gain a time to breath if you continue with that mindset. So take a moment for your self and away from your gadgets. 

Remember we deserved a break from what we have been doing for our self, our families and our future. 



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