We all make mistakes.
We all stumble down.
We all break down.
We all cry.
We all hurt.
But that is ot the end of everything.
It is a beginning.
So what if we failed.
It only proves that God is saying you miss something on your way.
The possibilities for the answer we are looking are endless.
Choose whatever you like.
At the end evrything is upon us.

Remember verytimme you open your eyes God is giving us a new chance.
Our new sunrise.
We can call it as we please – beginning, fresh start.
But I shall call it restart.

Like the laptop I achieve things.
Like any other technology I will lag and shutdown.
But whatever I had done I have automatically save it.
I will never loss what I learn.
I will restart my life as many times as I am given a chance.
I know my mistakes.
I know my faults.
Restarting life is not a walk in the park.
Not easy.
But it is a chance for better tomorrow we are looking for.


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