Rain Check: Coffee Addiction


I’m not discouraging you from drinking coffee. (I’m coffeeholic myself.) I’m actually writing this because I meet my younger cousin on SB last day to catch up and she told me she’s been into coffee (It’s not a bad thing it really helps you concentrate in some level. ) and its actually eating up her allowance faster than she expected. I’ve been at that point of my life too. I want to share this might as well be helpful. And I would honestly tell my side. 

IMG_20161020_015509From a girl who loves coffee, having addiction on coffee is like the addiction on cigarette. (Don’t get me wrong I just want an example of another addiction. I myself would confess I smoke on the circumstances that I have drink beyond my capacity smoking sobers me up. Smoking once you get used is really hard to stop even my friend has not manage to do it now and every year he always put that he should stop smoking as new years resolution which by the way I don’t believe anymore after four years of reading that.) It’s hard to stop once you started it. It’s hard to start a day without it.(Eventually, this becomes our mind setting.) Although we knew that having too much is not good for the health its really hard to stop. (That is why if you haven’t reach this level moderate your consumption. Control and discipline is the key even though its really hard.) In here I will tell you my point of view of me being a coffeeholic (before now I just drink it like in normal mode consumption) as well its ups and down and maybe you’ll be able to pick up a lesson and tips. 


Yup. Read it right. Coffee is costly. It’s costly. (I’m thinking of Starbucks and other coffee shops in this point. If we brought instant or coffee beans I think its more money saver.)I have been in different coffee shops (to study, chill, meet a friend to chat or just think) and its not cheap for a cup of coffee. For one month I think I will be on coffee shops more than 10 times. (Wow. I just realize I spend money thoughtlessly. Again. On my defense this was like 2 years ago when I was 19 or 20 along this age. Innocent teens. Ahaha) And come to think of it during midterms and finals (I’m referring when I’m in law school this time not during my college days.) I almost spend all nighter in coffee shops and I think I order drink twice or trice! (Thank God I don’t do this anymore after my first semester in law.) Imagine if a cup of venti is 185php multipled by ten. (You can convert it to your own currency. Fun fact 1usdollar is about 45-50php in my currency.) but the amount I spent on coffee alone is shocking. No wonder I cannot have large savings. My salary is like a dried river. Remember guys if we want to save money lets check this part. Calculating it its really a big amount. 


Coffee does have its own health benefits (I read it in an article but  now I’m not sure anymore something about anti-oxidant) but as I said if its too much I don’t think its healthy anymore. (Take me for example there is a day that I will consume 5 to 7 cups of coffee a day this one are those in sachet, then not to mention I also buy coffee in shops. I guess I drink coffee more than water. But thank God I’m still healthy and no major problems with my body.) But my point is its not healthy. (I remember one time I had palpitation and really shaking up.) I toned down and and drink water for one week with no coffee and hey I managed. (It was lesson learned for me.) Its actually because of my addiction that leads me to healthy habits like exercise and drinking lots of water. I don’t want to have nervous breakdown while having my oral recitation its so stressful. 

IMG_20160310_133703Mind Control

They say coffee is a start of a good day. (I used to believe that before.) But its actually in your mind set. I mean if I believe it will be a good day I will do all my best to make it a good day or on my part productive. Coffee has nothing to do with it. And they say it will make you awake to pull out all nighter to finish your studies or work. At first I believe that but after a while no its not true. It actually because I have to finish something that is why I can manage. Coffee is just a comfort and a delicious companion. Although having a coffee seems to make things bearable and manageable its actually because you believe in yourself. (Its kind of hard to explain but its like you channel a positive vibe in the medium of the coffee.) Unconsciously you believe its coffee but its actually because of your self determination. 


In the end guys, everything is up to us. I really can’t stop you for consuming too much coffee. Even I have don’t the right cause first of all there are times where my coffee consumption is too much. I just hope that we can balanced it all well. Sound Mind, sound body is the best to have! 




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