The Villain I Hate Most

The Villain I Hate Most

Villains are evil. They inflict pain, chaos and sadness. There is nothing good about them. They create havoc wherever they may go and whenever they may pleased. But aren’t we the same? Aren’t we villains on our own way? Aren’t we the one inflicting pain to people around us? Or rather aren’t we the villains to ourselves? Aren’t we inflicting pain to people we know in a manner we don’t know? Aren’t we sinners of our own thoughts? So then we are evils like how we accused someone in our society. The only significant differences are the scale of committing it. 

But have we not try also to question their reason? Ah, yes, movies, villains become evil for some reason to get something the most fastest way no matter what is the cost. The books told us that they are hungry for power, wealth and world’s pleasurable desires. Everything we know is told by someone whom we thought who knew. But that is not the villain I hate the most. Because as I look at the mirror a reflection of the villain I am most scared is staring back at me. Mocking me. Laughing at me. And I don’t know the reason why? She is the villain who wants to make a superhero and its scaring me. The villain within me is much scarier. 


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