Beautiful Rain

Beautiful Rain

Sadness that are born today, hear my voice
Soars up high, above the grey clouds and hide away
As the sky opens its eyes and calls upon a wind
My heart will surely learn how to fly

I’ll keep you safe so don’t you worry
For to you – I want to share my destiny
Every tear that you cry
The sigh within your heart
Whenever you feel blue
I will hold you tightly in my arms

This tender rain
May this song reach where you are
And however far, I know I’ll see you again.
So trust in me,
If you believe,
Then these words will heal your soul.
So let the love you feel make your heart whole.

Singing in the rain,
Every drop shines in the sun,
Each and every one,
They will wash away the pain.
And for this time,
The sky will shine,
And the world will bloom again.
Please come, my beautiful rain.


(Translated and edited from Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii by yours truly Aly)

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