Lullaby in the Rain

Lullaby in the Rain

If one day everything fades away
I know the passion in your eyes won’t go away
The fire in your heart won’t die
Your soul will forever resound
As long as you are here
I shall not fear
The world could fall apart
I still would never fear

My dear, I love you
Deeply and forever
To hold you
To never let you go
For you I shall made a bed of flowers
I shall reach the skies
This I shall serve at you
For your heart
It all had started in there
Like the flower in bloom
Like the sky, you watches and care
With you it all begun

This rain
Falling softly through the air
Dancing with the wind
As you call my name
I hear it no matter how far
For I will always be right by your side
I’ll never stray
I’ll never go away
With all my heart I shall do eveything
I shall stay by your side

May our love be our lullaby
Like the raindrop from the sky
That calms our heart
Stops our act
Bring as back
To the time of promise 

Through time and space
Remember my warm embrace
In the darkness I shall be your light and way
Cause without you, I cannot breath
No matter where our fate may lead
Remember our love it shall succeed
Until the day we will meet again
Trust in me
Believe in me
Our song of love is our lullaby
These words shall heal our soul
Let our love make your heart whole

Let your tears fall
Cry your sadnest
The rain that bring our lullaby shall wash them all away
Everything that hurt will fade into blue skies
For I know we shall see each other again
No matter how far, how long
The love in our heart will remain
My dear, listen to the rain
The rain that carries our lullably
The lullaby of promise and love
Soon I shall see you again


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