Manga Review: Hungry Joker

be0108e8003add14ce0bb7f6673edfb7The story starts when a glowing corpse that was found by the police unable to fin answer they contacted Haiji a young and brilliant scientist who lost his memory and his assistant Chitose to investigate the scene. Haiji who was fascinated by unnatural events brings the corpse to his laboratory to further investigate. The corpse however was given a life by Kild (A Mavro, who by birth were chosen or compatible with the ability of Eureka and thus they are commonly being term as god. However, their desire is to wipe humans. On this manga Mavro was the cause of great calamities recorded by history.) and attack them leading to Haiji being stab by metal and in order to fight he took a bite on the black apple and gain the ability of gravity of Apple Newton and learned the existence of Eureka. (The powers in here are based on Apple Newton, Pythagorean basically its the greatest discover made by man or something of value with human history.)

hungry-joker-3863419Haiji then who convinced and told Chitose he needed her (which is true because on the later manga Chitose will then be the a Eureka who possess the painting of Landsteiner which is the key to Haiji evolution and the final evolution of Eureka users.) a probable second magic item, the Pythagorean Hammer in the British Museum in London. On the museum they meet Alan Blackman (Eureka user of Pythagorean Hammer) and Mira (possess the ability of Pythagorean Hammer that heals injuries) both are aware of the Mavro and is actually waiting for Haiji and Chitose. Just then they are attacked by a second member of Mavro that can control electricity called Ragins. Haiji, along with Alan manages to defeat him by combining their Eureka (gravity and sound vibration). It is here that Haiji and Chitose learned about White Jokers a group of human who are users of Eureka fighting against the Mavro and joined the team. (Join basically because Haiji becomes interested on the unnatural events.)

4d24e1272589fb5f498b67ca4e038143Upon joining Haiji and Chitose was sent to France to a small village where there was a mist created by what they call the witch. On this mission, Lady of Steel – Vivianne Blanchard, with the power to change the metal body was their partner. Together with her and the grandson of the witch Nils Lees, come to the center of the maze, where they discover the woman Nil’s grandmother was killed by a third member of Mavro named Dodomekis who claims to have killed her to steal his Eureka, the Aeolus cell Heron. (Which he did not succeed and therefore trap in the labyrinth of the mist because this Eureka is passed generation to generation.) Nils decides to fight along side with Vivianne and Haiji after hearing Haiji’s words of encouragement that he did not choice wrong of him as his friend. By then Nils was able to unlock the Eureka his grandmother left before she died and because by blood this Eureka was passed by their family he is compatible and defeat Dodomekis. However Dodomekis was killed by mouch superior Mavro named Nacht, who appears on the scene through a hole created space and time with his powers. Nacht revealed he is Haiji older brother and that Haiji is hybrid coming from the blood of human and mavro. He asked him to join which Haiji flatly refused and said he will defeat them by using human evolution.

The story plot goes for looking for the remaining Erekas before the Mavro have them all it was then at this time also Chitose possess the painting of Landsteiner which is the key to evolution. (Haiji at the beginning had told Chitose that she is the key this is what he means.) The White Joker is the first phase which is basically looking for Eureka users and advance to Hungry Jokers. Hungry Joker is the phase where Haiji and Chitose had finally completed their research. This time human will fight back from the gods and hunt down the gods who plague the world. Also on the last chapter Haiji with the help of Chitose unlock the forbidden apple called Eden. The fruit ffrom the tree of knowledge.


Hungry Joker is a 24 chapters plus one bonus chapter. (You can actually read a completed plot of wikipedia for this.) It is actually a nice manga and I thought it will be an anime, too bad I read it was cancelled because something to do with the main character. (But for me this is nothing wrong with the character. Haiji lost her memories, he is a brilliant scientist so its no wonder if he is calm and collected and somehow detached.) Not sure about all the details but it was last updated in 2013 so I guess it was the end.

The first thing that comes in my mind is that Haiji loss like Hitsugaya Toshiro of Bleach only much younger and has a round shape face. But the eyes the hairstyle the stare its really similar to me. And somehow the vibe would remind me to D-gray man. (Maybe because of the evolution plot.) The story is really nice and straightforward and then their is no whining character all of them are in badass level which I like. In action supernatural I find cutesy and harem characters very annoying. Overall it is worth it. Its very educational too. Revisit your history, physics and chemistry.


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