The Dream

Finally when I have the courage and reason to step forward I dream. They say dreams are signs. Some says dreams is our deepest desire. A wish we wanted to come true. When I was about to step out of your shadow, in my dream you stop me. It was livid, so livid that it wake me up crying. My mind is racing. My heart is racing. An more importantly I am hurting. 

In my dream I was reaching somebody else’s hand, a light, but then you showed up, slap that hand and  hug me tight. And clearly you said “I am your, still your and forever be yours.” I was stunned. After all this time I am wishing that you appear into me you choose the moment where I am fixing my heart. I know deep inside despite the years you still own my heart. And that hurts even more because we no longer live in the same horizon. 

Am I a prisoner of you or am I a prisoner of my own selfish desires?


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