Manga Review: Tokage


Tokage a soul that was cast with the curse of immortality and it has been 800 years. Not among the living but neither of the dead. The story starts when Yuuka meet an accident and dies. Tokage who is immortal has the condition that he can only possess corpse to live. (In short, unlike any anime or manga with immortality who had the same body Tokage transfer from one corpse to another. He is in the form of lizard hence the title.) After Yuuka funeral Tokage awakened and Shinubo found this shock his dead sister is alive. (Shinobo is the younger sister of Yuuka. He had regrets and deeply love his older sister.) Shinobo was shock but since his spiritual powers is high he immediately sense that it was not her sister.

tokage-1077871Tokage was then confronted by Police department whose specialty is the distortion of the spiritual energy in the world. Attack and bleeding, Tokage can’t seems to fight because his spiritual power is weak and only to find out that Shinobi is his Yori. (Yori is like a human battery and Tokage needs to charge by being close.) Tokage one and only goal is to live and die. He is in search with the one who gave him the curse his sister Kazura. (Since that was 800 years ago he is looking for the reincarnation.) 

But then things had unfold only to find out that the person she was looking for is so close to him. The source of his spiritual strength Shinobi (Kazura’s reincarnation). Because they are leaving in a shrine and Shinobo’s grandfather had put a barrier (Grandfather actually knows that Shinobo is the one Tokage is looking for. He just wanted that both ends would appreciate life and live on it. Also to avoid to attract many low-life spirits that might after Shinobo’s powers.)


Unfortunately, the mountain god who torture Tokage (basically Kazura is a sacrifice for a mountain god but Kazura upon possession look for Tokage to save him. And her option is to make him immortal.) attack him again and whats worse the police department is also wanting to seal him. This was Tokage decision he lives or Shinobo lives or he will now be able to find the way to break the curse.


Tokage is a 21 chapter manga. When I read Tokage as title the first thing that comes to my mind is Tokagero, Ryu’s shaman spirit in Shaman King.(So I was having doubt to finish it because I’m thinking the main protagonist might not be handsome. Ahaha) But this Tokage is more handsome if he becomes serious and ofcourse in man’s form.(Remember he possess a girls body so.. its only few times his face was shown). Anyway, the plot is great and its nice. Though I have predicted that Shinobo might be the one he is looking for. I mean I’ve watch lots and anime and read lots of manga its easy to saw similarities. But nevertheless the chapters and fun.

I kind of like it because it reminds me how life is fun and then if you have regrets to the person who had die might as well do something to compensate that and make your life worth. Overall its worth your one hour time for a relief reading. Or while waiting for updates of your favorite mangas.


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