First Time: Soju

large.jpg“If I take this shot (soju) will you go out on a date with me?” I must be drunk if I am spouting this nonsense in front of my friend (He is the closest friend I have and knows me too well the most.) The feeling that I was the one suggesting to have korean barbecue for our dinner and one bottle of soju and I got light headed with just two shots crush my confidence in alcohol tolerance. (I don’t get easily get drunk. I already test my limits before but the first time with soju I might reconsider it again.)

How was it? Soju has a clean taste but at the same time it taste like a medicine for cough. It does not burn your throat, no strong smell unlike any alcoholic drinks we usually have for casual dinners. And to be honest I used the coke as a chaser. I can’t handle the taste. (So embarrass! And I’m actually thinking I can do it with style like in Korean dramas.) And after two shots I became talkative. (The firsts sign I’m getting drunk. The next sign I yawn and then sleep.)

It was past midnight when we are done and he brought me to the coffee shop a two block away form the restaurant. He said I needed coffee and a cake. How’s your first soju experience? 

Aly’s Food Adventure


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