My Fire

My Fire

Sitting by the red-stained window
Looking at the silent sky
Out of habit, I call your name
Tears silently falls in my eyes
I knew there would be no answer
I knew I can’t see you
Truth damn hurts
I feel so alone

I remember your embraced
You’re whisper in my ear
The smile I see on your lips
You said you’d protect me
I believed you
But without a single goodbye
Without any trace
You were gone

I love you
You’re my fire
Pulled by your warmth
I don’t need anything
You are everything I need
With you everythng is all right
My worries disappear
The night was peaceful
Now I’m lying in this cold bed
Bleeding silently

Days passed by
In a blink of an eye it has been years
All are meaningless days filled with fact your not here
The future we built
Like a tower it fell
Your embrace that held even my despair
Your eyes that looks at me with admiration
Your touch that havoc my system
It all turned to ash

You’re my Fire
The moment you die
So is my heart
I miss you
So much it .. hurts



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