Exploring Life While Not Losing Yourself


“Your too bold for your own good!”

That is what I usually hear from my friends, acquaintances and relatives. I’m just glad my parents don’t see me like that in a negative way. Let’s just say we had complicated relationship. But being bold does not mean I am doing anything bad, illegal or I’m hurting others. I’m young and there is more to life than meets the eye. I have to spread my wings and see the world in my own eyes. 

But whatever you do you should not lose yourself. The self-worth you have for yourself. If you want to explore the life or live with a motto you only live once you should know who you truly are as well as limitations. The reason to know your limitations is to keep yourself away from real danger that will cost your life. Life is not butterflies, unicorns and rainbows. Not the same at what we see on movies and tv series. Make precious memory while not ruining yourself or your future. 


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