Curse of Contradiction

As Fairy Tail is about to close the curtain. The latest manga chapter left a mixed emotions on me and it still lingers (FT after all is my all time favorite anime). I’m happy yet sad at the same time (Indeed the curse of contradiction the even readers emotions was in contradiction). That I really cry will reading and re-reading it. (It happens a lot with animes and mangas. I cried when Ace died same when L died as well as Jiraya died and lots others.) Every since the characters of Mavis and Zeref came out I already know they had deep connections. But it was not until Fairy Tail Zero that their tragic relationship was told. Their love story is one of the best I have read in any mangas and watch in anime. (This is my opinion from all I have watch.) In fact I find the love story of Fairy Tail very beautiful if you put comedy aside. 

The love story of a boy who had jet black girl and the bare foot girl that started with the curse and ended with a curse. Zeref the reason why Fairy Tail was able to exist and Mavis the first Master of the guild both immortal with the same curse but one love prevails at the past and killed the other one. At the moment I have read the chapter of Mavis death the first thing that comes to my mind was Zeref curse most be greater and stronger than Mavis as he was able to kill him (I was thinking that obviously they are in love with each other as portrayed in FT Zero but since Zeref was the original curse so yeah his might be strong.) but as the more the story reveals the fact that nothing can beat/kill him. I started to think that would Mavis be able to kill him since she had the same curse the same reason might apply to kill Zeref. 

And the latest chapter answer that question. Mavis was indeed in love with Zeref but it was surpassed with other feelings. She looks up to Zeref. She is grateful to him. She is everything she dream of. She had a strong affection on him that at that time she was not able to identify that it was love. But Zeref on the other hand has pure love for Mavis no other feelings but direct love on her. Her being the only human that was not scared of his curse. Not afraid of him and without hesitation hug him.


There final kissed and their final exchange of words really felt hurtful,  I can feel the regret yet love at the same time. It was bitter sweet. Even I hope for a happy ending for both of them and I got it but in the after life. (I was already preparing my heart for this. A love in their life at the moment wold really impossible.) But at least it was not like the other animes where one only lives as the other sacrifice. So let’s stay tuned for the endings of the other pairs on the series. 


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