Wild Berries and Cucumbers in the Backyard

“Just wash them and eat.” My annoyed sister (Fun fact: My sister Danielle is a incoming 4th year Agriculture student she majors Horticulture minoring in Plant breeding.) told me after asking the same question if this wild berries and cucumbers she found is edible for the tenth times. We are tending the garden and cleaning up all the grass to plant the seedlings she had brought from the university when she found familiar wild plants. (I may love going on food trips but I definitely not the person who eats unknown plants. Plants I cannot identify. Plants I haven’t see. I am not a dare devil when it comes to food.) But stubborn as she is she shove one to my mouth because nothing has happened to me. So I’ll tell you my tale. (By the way, I’ll describe it based on what I have taste and it personally looks at me.) Like what the pirates say “Dead Man tell no Tales.”


The first one was a Physalis. It can be commonly identify as lantern berries. It is a fruit with husk. It is light green and the texture is like a tomato (it’s like a mini tomato actually) as for the taste reminds me of strawberry, or pineapple, with mild acidity. But there is other color such as yellow. To eat it you have to peel to reveal the fruit. 

creepc1The second one is Creeping Cucumber: Melothria Pendula. A plant I have been seeing my whole life yet ignoring it at the same time because I thought its just nothing but a wild grass creeping in a tree or in the fence with some weird green and black fruit. Accordingly, only the green ones can be eaten while the black one which are ripe are not edible. My sister told me that this plant has a big reputation and in fact they are breeding this on their green houses. And because I have written I can say it is completely safe. ^^


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