Manga Review: Nise no Chigiri

Mana an ordinary high school teenage girl (well this is the usual setup in any manga or anime) has a sister who is in love of Sengoku Period in Japan and she had then started dreaming of this particular era. In her dreams she sees that there was a secret meeting that was holding. One day Maai-kun, a boy from the orphanage, which Mana adored went missing. In hopes to find him she went to an old temple which Maai usually go to play or just to think. (Maai in attempt to rescue her as he saws or thought she was drowning ended up in the era. However, she ended up in the time much early to Mana and he grow up to someone she can never recognized. Only two of them know and the truth is up to him to be told.)

The gorgeous characters.

Instead of finding Maai she found a girl in the pound crying. Thinking that she was in danger Mana immedately went to save her only to find that she (goddess of the fountain) is asking her to save (more like a mission to save him means she can return to her world) Uesugi Masatori (his named was changed to Kenshin), a general of Kasugayama Castle and master of the  the Uesugi ninja clan. Later was task in protecting Mana from Yamamoto. As a gratitude of Mana saving him from a surprise attack and being a messenger from the future.

Yamamoto (a tactician from the enemy’s empire wants to meet her to kill his boredom) upon seeing her has no longer interest of killing Mana because she resembles the one she loved and lost, Kanade (whom also a sister of a member of Uesugi clan that will betray them Masatori). Unfortunately, he is persistent and many instance kidnapped Mana pushing that she is Kanade’s reincarnation and he will make her remember him even if forcing her. Akatsuki (who eventually falls for Mana) is her savior and ended up getting major injury. But the real question here is can Mana fulfill the mission she was given and prevent the death of Kenshin? And can Akatsuki upheld the ninja ways to never fall in love and he the future leader of the Uesugi ninja?

082ccebba235ba48f8192ddd3e5a2cd0 But fate has ways we really can’t understand, as Akatsuki is task to be her bodyguard (even though its a rotation of them) was starting to a love-hate relationship. Though he is just surpassing his true feelings in a really rude manner but ended up always making Mana happy. However, when Suien, Akatsuki’s bestfriend, where Mana accidentally found he was talking to another ninja has put a lapse of relationship on the two of them. Will they reconcile? And will the truth tear them a part? But what if Mana’s time is up can his feelings be confess and will Mana be able to tell her feelings as well? Or will he be selfish to not allow Mana to return to her own time?


Nise no Chigiri alternate name Marriage Vows, Second Generation Promises is a historical manga. (I seldom read this kind of genre nor watch anime. The only one I’m keeping with up is Akatsuki no Yona. There is also a similar style on transporting to the past with Inuyasha.) Mana was send to past because of the goddess of a fountain who have seen the future and wanted to change it so she send her back to a certain period. (That is the only similar thing because Kagome can go back and fourth with the two worlds also both are wearing high school uniform.) Anyway her mission in core was to know what the enemy’s plan Woodpecker is and avoid the death of General Kenshin.

It has a typical love story where the girl falls in love and at the end having a delima as to whether to return to her world or not only in here it was not the general or the prince but with a ninja. (Akastsuki was selfless and sacrifice his feelings for her.) Other members of the clan also develop a feelings for her. (The love story I already expected it’s outcome, I just want to know how she will save the general.) Overall, the characters are super duper gorgeous and somehow a familiarity in the drawing style. I just can’t put my thought as to what similarity. The girl is not my style in a historical anime/manga. (My style is like Yona who shows a great improvement in character and abilities. Mana is a soft girl.) But never the less it was a good manga. It has 19 chapters and average of 32 pages. Overall I recommend it to those who like historical and love drama with a sense of humor. But to those looking for light hearted and fun certainly this is not your genre as it is quite serious. But then just give it a try!


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