Tipsy Caller

I’m sorry for calling you late
I’m a litte bit tipsy
Drunk from missing you
Drunk from loneleness
But my mind is clear
What are you doing now?
Are you already asleep?
I wonder if you need me?
Did you completely forget about me?
Cause for me I can’t.
I haven’t.
Every nerves and sense in my body is calling towards you.
Towards what could have happened if there was still us.
Before I knew it I’m dialing your number.

I’m calling you, now calling you. 
Hey, it rungs!
Can I still hope?
Your caller tone is the same.
Nothing has changed.
My feeling for you haven’t change either.
Sorry for calling you late
But to be honest I haven’t sorted out what shall I say to you.
I knew tomorrow I will regret this.
But I’ll deal with that tomorrow.
Now I just want to hear your voice.
To feel that familiar breath.
I am not drunk.
I’m just tipsy.
A caller, calling out for you.


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