Born To Make History

Can you hear my heartbeat?
Can you hear my shaking voice?
Can you feel my body raging?
I’m tired of feeling I’m never enough
So I close my eyes and tell myself my dreams will come true
It may not be now but it will be the next time
It may not be on the first try but I will do it as I rise

There is no such thing as darkness
Believe and you will be unstappable
Yesterday was history
Today is a gift to pursue it
Tomorrow lies our destiny
Where mystery lies
Where no one has seen
Dancing in our blades of courage
Armored by our braveness
Shape by our pain and joy
This set my heart on fire

Don’t stop us
No nothing can stop us
No one will be able to stop us
The moment of truth has come
Let the world know
Let our voice be heard
That we were born to make history
We will turn the tables
Ride the wides and tides
We were born to make history


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