Productive in Effortless Manner

I am posting this because my summer is over. My class is starting and I don’t think I can blog as much as I want. And I could also attest that I have done this and become more productive. I’m sure you can also. 

Throughout this summer vacation I spend it mostly at home (After resigning from work cause basically I need a rest. My body can keep up.) Being lazy is like automatic response when we have lots of time. And we also keep saying that “I will do that stuff tomorrow” a number one excuse and just like that poof times up summer is over. Her are the ways I did to combat my own laziness and become productive. 

  1. HAVE A GOALS FOR THE DAY. You won’t do anything because you don’t have a concrete goal for the day. You can put on your goal checklist a. clean my computer files b. sort out clothes to those I can still wear, give and do a d.i.y or c. clean up my room. Simple goals yet very productive that we just didn’t notice at all. (You might be surprise you might even give your room a revamp.)
  2. TURNOFF/SILENT YOUR PHONE. I am not saying you ignore important text and email but be moderate. (Don’t be that someone whose life revolve on mobile phones like when waking up it’s the phone your first looking, you need to post to snapchat, there this new hilarious and viral in youtube I really need to watch. Please don’t be like that.) Specially to us students we don’t really need our phones when we are on vacation. Why am I suggesting this? It’s because our phones eat the time. Let’s just watch this 5 minute videos and the next thing you knew you already watch more than 10 videos with the same length. We are glued to our phone that we lose track of time and things that should be done. 
  3. SPEND QUALITY WITH THE FAMILY. You might be surprise that there are lots of things you don’t know about them. Social medias does not answer everything about what is happening to the members of your family. (I don’t have Facebook, my instagram are basically more art and food while my twitter is just my inquiry as to what is globally happening/trending news to the world.) One of your family might be the same as me.
  4. HEALTHY HOBBY. When I say healthy those hobby that will not cost you financially. Hobbies that can be found in the four corners of your house. 1. Gardening. Many people don’t like to garden because they are afraid they might have dirt but that is not true. We will not be carrying sacks of soil. We have aprons and gloves. We can just even water the plants in the house. 2. Try Art. (I suggest that check out pinterest for amazing yet plausible ideas.) If your mom likes a book and your curious then have a try. (Do not force someone to read cause not everyone loves reading we all have different taste and style.) 3. Or an hour jog in the neighborhood would be also nice. 4. Cooking definitely we all want to learn that.


I am not saying you need to be doing something all the time. It’s really just an hour of this or two. Everybody wants to have a good movie and sit on the couch with popcorn, or have its afternoon nap. Or have a chilling karaoke with everybody. But it is also nice to have a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. 


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